‘Nother Week Down

We got through another week of homeschooling. One more week closer to getting Gabe where he needs to be. One highlight about this week though has nothing to do with Gabe……

Last weekend my husband Tom fell and broke his collar bone. He ended up going to the ER and having it checked out. He spent the week in a sling which added stress to everyone. He is left handed because of his accident that caused his severe brain injury. He broke the left side of his collar bone. This made him even more disabled. A lot of our friends around the world started praying for him and I. For healing, for my strength to take over where he left off. (I did not do that too well, I already feel stressed with what I need to handle) Well, come Thurs. or was it Wed? I forget? He comes to me in the morning with his arm out of the sling and he had full range of motion saying it does not hurt! God healed him! Tom is back to doing everything he used to be doing.

I am now asking for prayer. Prayer that God keeps this new fire for the Lord going in Tom’s heart. See we have had a very troubled marriage. Between both of our brain injuries, his addictions, and my three adult kids who were special needs kids it is a surprise we are still married. Even up to yesterday Tom has done things that makes it hard to trust him. I see ever since God healed him recently Tom turning to God more. I pray that He keeps hold of God and that God gets a hold of me so we can work towards having a God honoring marriage. If you could all join me in that prayer I would so much appreciate it.

To set a calming emotion.

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