Twas a Good Day Overall

To allow others to see my handsome husband Tom
My Wonderful husband Tom

It is true, we are having some financial problems. But I am sure it is nothing God can help us handle. Tom and I have had to talk, I have prayed. We still have a long ways to go, but I am seeing some progress. The issues we have dealt with our whole marriage God is teaching us how to get past them. Setting boundaries, sticking to them, and rewarding each other when one of us meets a need of the other.

You know, marriage is complicated, it is hard work, but it is so rewarding. There is a give and take. Each person gives 100% to each other. But, when one is giving 75% and the other 35% the balance gets uneven. That is the way our marriage has been since our wedding day in 2005. I would give 75% and then he would ask even more. Now, I have gotten to my breaking point. I am not giving up on this marriage. We have come through too much. But, I did put my foot down, I refused to give even more until he started meeting me. I am seeing progress, so I will back off of the boundary some, for today, but we will see what happens tomorrow.

So, this man you see here. He is worth all this. He really is. He is my man, I do still love him. I give him to the Lord, because all my trying to change him has not worked. I just ask for you all to join me in prayer, that God continues to work on his heart.

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