What?! Me?! Exercise? Really?

To show a very fit woman doing yoga.

This will never be me, or would it? I spent so many years abusing my body. Eating what ever I could find. Anything that the kids would also eat. I was too busy raising my kids to worry about my health. To be honest I probably would have had an easier time raising my kids if I would have paid attention to my health.

The story I have always told has been that I slipped on ice as a young child and put my knee out. Ever since then my knees have always been a problem for me. My first knee repair surgery was in 1985 on my Left knee. That worked for a long time. I still had very painful knees though, and as I got older I developed osteoarthritis in both knees. Over the years I did the steriod shots in both my knees. Those shots would make it so I could walk but would wear off after a few months. The pain got to be so much, that with the stress of my life I gained a lot of weight. My highest weight ever was 365 lbs. The weight did not help my pain. That was my weight last summer of 2019. It is summer 2020 and I am down to 238 last time I checked. You see, God made a way for me to have stomach bypass surgery.

Me before weight loss surgery.

This is me, I was using NOOM www.noom.com. It worked very well for me. I was 365 when I started Noom and I lost 40 lbs using their program. The only problem was that in order to do it I had to repeatedly get shots in my knees to exercise. Each time I got the shots would destroy my knees more. That is when I found out my insurance would finally pay for the bypass surgery. I gave up Noom and started concentrating on getting the surgery.

I will forever be grateful to my doctor last year. He worked hard to get me set up for the surgery. There were a lot of hoops I had to go through. Prove that I was not a smoker, or drinker, I did not have food addiction, or any other severe mental health issues. I did not have diabetes or any other health problems, so getting the insurance to see it was a good thing for me to get the surgery was a hard sell. But, my doctor got me in!

But, that was in Salem, I am now in Willamina living with my husband. God must have known I would not do well with the weight loss clinic in Salem. Because He put it on my heart that I needed my husband to be my support through the surgery. My husbands real dad had just died and left Tom an inheritance. We proceeded to search for a home for us to be back together.

The next few months where a blur of emotional ups and downs, but God had the perfect place for us here in Willamina. It is not the best home, but it is our home. Thing is after settling in I went right into seeking a doctor so I could get into the weight loss clinic. The doctor I saw had the surgery herself, and she was a great advocate to get me in! With all the work I and my doctor in Salem did I got into the clinic easily. They looked at all the paperwork, talked to me for about 3 months and scheduled my surgery! It normally takes like 6 mo. to have insurance approve the surgery. Now if that was not God, I do not what would be?

My stomach bypass surgery was March 5, 2020, my birthday March 6! Now! Come on! Too many coincidences! Plus it was just before Covid shut down elective surgeries! God is so good! So, now I am not yet a year out from my surgery, but I am about 100 lbs down from my surgery weight of 321. I went from BMI 50 to BMI 38.

To show how much I have lost.

This is me now. I took a break from writing and weighed myself. I am actually to 229! I need this drop to motivate me to exercise as I did today. To prepare for my knee replacement surgery I need to do leg exercises, breathing (to clear my lungs) and walk 15 min. a day. I know that is not much for most out there. But, for me going from 365 to 229 in about a year it is a lot. I was 238 yesterday, and now I am 229. I guess that speaks to whether I exercise or not. I do not think I will ever be the woman in the first picture. But, I need to fight hard to be the healthiest me I can be.

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