Cooking in The Dash Household

Our Air Fryer!

Another interesting day in the Dash Family home. I was not going to write anything tonight, but as I lay here in bed I started to go over our day……

It all started yesterday when I told Gabe that we would make air-fried homemade potato chips tomorrow. Now my son loves to cook so he was very excited and would not let me forget. I woke up in pain and very tired.

Normally on Thursdays, I will have corrected Gabe’s school work and he would then make corrections. But, I did not get that done on Wednesday evening. I just have been dragging in the energy department big time. So, with the decision, he would not do that, but his schooling would be learning to make potato chips we had a relaxed morning. He was sooo excited, I was so sore and worn out. Eventually, he talked me into it. We did about an lb of potatoes. Vinegar and salt, salt and pepper, and then garlic ones. In the air fryer that we have, it took like 45 min. per each small batch! I do not like to cook or bake because of my neck and back pain. Our potato chips ended up looking like the image.

To show a sample of what our 
potato chips looked like.

Not really crispy, more like round fries. I ate too many for my stomach bypass pouch. I really enjoyed the salt and pepper flavored. The rest Gabe and Tom are going to have to eat.

Also during this time, Tom agreed to help his mom. In order to do that he has to take the bus to meet her. She normally drives him home afterward. So that leaves what to do with our pet pig while I am in the Kitchen cooking. Yes, I said our pet pig Peppa! Gabe cannot handle her she has gotten so big and has the mind of a 2-year-old toddler. Pigs are the 4th smartest animal and driven by food. The smell of food, hear anyone eating food, see the food they go after it, and sometimes destructively. Otherwise, she is such a smart and loveable pet.

Me holding Peppa my pet pig.
Peppa climbed into my lap one day. Usually she lays on my legs, but this day she climbed up into my arms. Her hoofs hurt and I have bruises everywhere, but cuddling with her makes my day.

We decided she would have to go into her kennel as she did not want to be outside where it is hot, and she could smell the food I was cooking. We do have a flimsy gate between the living room and kitchen. But she is going to be a year old Oct. 5 and is pretty close to a hundred lbs. She pushes right past the gate if we are not there to stop her, and she destroys the living room. So, if we are not watching her she has to be locked in her kennel. She ended up being in there for several hours and I hated doing that. Pigs can die from depression for being in a small place too long. She is my baby since all my kid babies are grown.

When I was done cooking I let her out, it was her dinner time so we put her dinner in her bob a lot toy and a vegetable.

Peppa eating breakfast

But then Tom had to come home. My mother in law is scared of Peppa, so we always have locked her up in the kennel. She had already spent so much time in there so I could cook! I did not want to, but I also needed to honor my mother in law. So….in she went. Hurt my heart so much.

Later after she left Tom and I let her out. She never ran so much in our living room! Just imagine that big pig going back and forth several times in your living room! It was funny, surprising, but also heart-wrenching. I am pretty sure it was because she had to go to the bathroom. She has quit using her litter box we have for her inside she only goes to the bathroom outside. See pigs are clean animals. They will not go poddy where they eat. We have a bunny, she loves bunny poop. The bunny started using Peppa’s litter box so now Peppa eats there instead of going to the bathroom! We figured out that Peppa really had to go to the bathroom and had Gabe take her out on the leash.

This was taken quiet awhile ago. But it is how we take her out. As we do not have a finished fence someone has to be out there at all times.

She spent a good hour outside with Gabe. I never want to keep her in her kennel like that again. But, I know it will have to happen again. But, I know she knows we love her so much. She has a better life now than when she was born. She lived in a cold mud filled barn and no where we could see had grass like we have. She is my little deva!

Now tomorrow Gabe wants to make some more chips all on his own! Because I told him if he wants his spaghetti and garlic bread for supper I would not have the energy to do the potatoes again. We will see about that! lol

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