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I just read two interesting articles. Let me clarify something before I go on. I solemnly swear I know very little on end times prophecy. I tend to stay away from the subject because it does cause such a strong debate in some. Pretrib, post-trib, rapture, the mark of the beast, etc. But, today I wanted to see if I could trigger a civil conversation on the subject. I would love to hear what other Christians or even non-Christians say about the subject. I just ask everyone to be kind, no name-calling, even possibly get to the point of agreeing to disagree. Remember we do not bring people to Christ, only He does. He uses us to help others see Him and their need for Him. We will never ever argue someone to Heaven.

The first article is about the mark of the beast. I have always believed it would be a physical mark of some sort. But according to this article, it will be our thoughts and behaviors being handed over to Satan. It will be choosing to follow Satan instead of God. I would love to hear your thoughts on that. Whether you think it is a physical mark, could a chip in the COVID vaccine be the mark? Or, is it just our behaviors and thoughts that would be the mark?

The article makes sense to me. We could have a physical mark on us, or in us. But that would not change what we think, feel our behavior, or our soul even. If marks we put on our body by choice would affect us in such a way, what about tattoos? I know many who have lots of tattoo’s but they still love God and behave that way.

The next article is about the end times. The sign of the end times. According to this article we have been living in the end-time days for 2000 years. Jesus coming to earth was the mark of the end times. This is very interesting to me because that means that we are actors in bringing about Jesus’ second coming. Draws the importance of sharing, or even living the gospel so others will see God and their need for God.

What are your thoughts?

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