Motivating Appy’s!

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I am sorry I have not written in a few days. I have been an emotional mess. between not taking my meds regularly, and stressing out over nothing I just was not up to writing anything. But, I thought about sharing some news and thoughts on FB or even on my FB page. Then I remembered I paid for this website I should come here and do my writing.

My weight loss seems to have stalled. I know I was told that those who have been morbidly obese have to work very hard to lose weight. I am at that point I think. I am proud of how much I have lost. I can do things now I could never do before. I am wondering is it worth it to work even harder to lose more? I have a feeling I need to face this question several months from now.

You see early in October I will have my first knee replacement surgery. Right now I am preparing for the recovery. My doctor gave me some leg exercises to do twice a day, plus he wants me walking at least 15-20 min. a day. He wants my legs stronger to handle the stress they will undergo. I tell myself if I cannot exercise with the pain I have now, what is going to keep me going during my recovery?

Well to motivate me I found a couple of apps on my phone. The first app is Habit Hub.

Habit Hub

What this video does not talk about and I cannot find instructions for is the reward part of the app. I did put my potato chips as my reward and I would need to earn 100 points to get my chips. So far marking my habits for past three days I have 67 points. What I am keeping track of are my leg exercises, walking, and taking my meds on time. This keeps me motivated and I am doing what I need to in order to be healthy. Habit Hub is also an app on the Apple Phone.

I am also trying out a new app to track my steps called Step Tracker-Pedometer Free & Calorie Tracker. I have not had a chance to test this app yet. Today I am going to the grocery store with my husband and I can come back to add a review for it.

I will add more of what I use to take back my health later. But for right now these apps seem to be keeping me on track. For the Habit Hub I did pay a one time price for life time access to everything it has to offer. After I use the step counter for a few days I will let you know my thoughts.

Here is to a healthier me, or even if you feel you need to make the change a healthier you!

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