Health Journey of a LifeTime!

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I am trying very hard do my exercising to prepare for knee replacement surgery on Oct. 5, 2020. I walk for 8 min. morning and evening. I know it is not much, but with my knees, now my back and neck it is about all I can do. Plus I have hills on every street around me, so that adds to it. Then I come inside and do my leg exercises the doctor gave me. I have upped my repetitions to 40 each exercise.

For some people this is not much, but for me it is a lot. You see I had bariatric surgery March 5, 2020 I went from my highest weight of 365, surgery weight 321, to my current weight of 235. I have been very out of shape for over 10 years. Now that I am down to about 38 BMI my orthopedic surgeon agreed to replace both knees. We were going to do my right knee first but, now I think maybe my left knee needs to be done.

Let me explain why. I was cooking salmon steaks today in the air fryer trying to do it all on my feet, not sitting on my wheeled walker. Well I took one step and felt my left knee pop. Ever since then it is really hurting. I went ahead and pushed past the pain. I did my walking, and my leg exercises. But, I think now I will call my doctor on Monday and see if he thinks we should switch to doing my left knee first.

As far as my weight loss. It seems to be at a stand still, but it appears I am losing inches everywhere. I think the exercising is building muscle which weighs more than the fat.

I would like to ask for prayers my deformed knees will last long enough for me to get my legs in shape for the surgery. Thank you ahead of time!

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